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I help people get clear and keep them accountable to take action to create the life they love.


Your Personal Evolution

``The ideal conditions for growth may first appear hostile.`` - Bill Gasiamis

Happiness & Wellbeing

Daily many of us say they just want to be happier or healthier; certainly a noble aspiration. Unfortunately though not knowing how to achieve this state of being can lead to frustration and make it feel like your goals are out of reach. Well they’re not! The benefits to your life when you achieve your goal are endless. Not only will you see a transformation, however those important in your life will notice the difference once you become a better, healthier and happier version of yourself. Ask yourself, what opportunities will be presented knowing that you are at the top of your game? How much easier will it be to get out of bed every morning now you are happiest and healthiest you’ve ever been?

Relieving Stress & Avoiding Burnout

Stress and Burnout don’t just happen because you are working too much or have too many tasks on your to do list. Scientific research has shown there is a strong correlation between stresses and breathing patterns, in fact it has been shown that the majority of us don’t breath correctly. Correcting breathing patterns will balance your mind and body and have a positive impact on blood pressure, blood sugar levels and relieve stress. By the way it does not involve going to Yoga or any other place. Curious? Let’s talk.

Work / Life Balance

Imagine if you had the resources you needed to get your life back, gain clarity about what you’re true passions are and how to creatively go about doing what you love. Working with Bill will result in wiser decisions and courageous actions moving you forward to achieve those parts of your life you’ve been putting off. Think of one thing you’ve been putting off, have you go it? Now notice yourself having just completed this goal in the future, how does it feel? What are you saying to yourself? Who are you with? Now, bask in the glory.

The Wisdom of Decision Making

If you make decisions that you later regret and would like some strategies on how to go about making those truly courageous decisions that get you the results you are looking for, then be pleased with yourself. You are about to discover the most amazing technique which will change the way you make decisions in the future and result in wisdom beyond your years. Take the first step and make that gutsy decision and contact me now, I give you my word that this phone call will enhance your life, and if you don’t believe me, trust yourself.

Identity, Purpose & Meaning

Why I am I here? What was I put on this planet for? There has to be more to life than this? If you relate to any of these questions you are not alone, most of us find ourselves asking these questions time, and time again. The beauty of it is the answer is simple, however only when you know how. Somewhere deep inside you that there is another better version of yourself that you’d like to get to know and experience. It’s the version of you that lives the kind of lifestyle which gives you purpose and meaning, and has a positive impact on the world you live in. Discover your purpose and live a life that makes you feel alive.

About Me

Trained in the Results Coaching Method in 2004 as an mBIT (multiple brain integrations technique) coach and trainer in 2012 and an NLP practitioner in 2013, I bring more than a decade of experience guiding people to move beyond their limiting beliefs, overcome their unconscious patterns of behaviour and provide them with the tools to create the life they love into the future.


I believe that you are no different than the person that has achieved to what you aspire; understanding that it is only action that separates you from them. Is it possible that they are doing things that you never thought of or things you are not prepared to do?


I define passion as living the life that my Heart desires, the kind that allows me to work the hours I choose, from a cafe or home office. That I do not have to convince anyone else that I’m right or that me feeling good about myself is reliant on external sources acknowledging me or what I do.



Conscious & Unconscious Competence. Conscious & Unconscious Incompetence. Learning this changed my life. It framed learning completely differently and put into perspective why life should be dedicated to learning more.


I feel the spirit is something very personal and different to each and every one of us. I believe liberating people’s spirit in a way that specifically suits their needs, is the key to relieving the challenges of modern day living.


Working With Me

Step 1: Becoming Balanced

Attending a session in an unresourceful state is counter productive and a waste of time. To begin we focus on getting you balanced in mind and body before each session so you can gain greater insight into the challenge at hand; so we can explore wiser outcomes.

Step 2: Situation Analysis

Here we become very clear about what you’re experiencing and what needs to change, so we can target those areas that need improving to get you on the right pathway to start loving the life you live.

Step 3: Forming Outcomes

Knowing what your challenges are without knowing what you’d rather have or be, can lead to stress, frustration and other unresourceful states. Here we become clear on your ideal outcomes to create a better way of experiencing your world and future state to work towards

Step 4: Exploring Limiting Beliefs

Through this step we focus on those self limiting beliefs that have paralysed your ability to act and make the necessary changes. Further those beliefs that are not even in your awareness are the most difficult to overcome; becoming aware of them is half the challenge.

Step 5: Taking Action

One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result each time. Coaching sessions will provide insights to what needs to happen for a change to take place. This will be unique to each individual. Your plan of action to get you there.

Step 6: Future Pacing

In the final step we work through a guided process where you get to experience what it’s like to have accomplished your outcomes and experience the feelings you would be feeling when  you have dealt with your challenges.


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