I was recently interviewed by MAX and JOHN from the blind hour podcast. During our very casual chat we discussed overcoming adversity, staring a new business, recovering from health challenges and mBraining. There is some colourful language (just a bit) and some cheeky comments. Thanks guys for asking me to be on the show. https://soundcloud.com/blindhour/bhp79 #BlindHour #Mbraining #BillGasiamis

“We have been taught that the brain can’t repair itself, but our results suggest that this is not true.” Simply in MS (Multiple Sclerosis) the neurons in the brain have a damaged outer shell which cause the cells to stop communicating with each other effectively. The damaged part is called the myelin and repairing the myelin could restore function. This study has found possible medical way to help the re-myelin-ation

Amongst other amazing things that we are learning which are helpful in recovery from stroke Meditation can play a major role in reconnecting old neural pathways and creating brand new ones to give back function where function has been lost. Whilst I know that every stroke is different and that each individual person is affected differently I feel that Meditation has no down side and even if it is not

It’s funny (well not really) how my surroundings have found a way to guide me each time I get side tracked or of course from living the kind of life that is meaningful to me. This month is the 12 month anniversary that some pretty major things occurred that changed me forever. Before I get into that I have to take you back to Feb 10, 2012. Most people who

With every day commitments and stresses, we often put ourselves last on the list. We run kids to school, work to support our families, and wish we could lose those extra kilograms. We feel like we are constantly playing catch up and performing crisis control. As you scroll through your social media you see friends with their toes in the sand, but to you, a vacation sounds like just a

Why is that when you go to a GP these days and ask for example a simple question, what caused my ailment? You get a deafening silence. Yes big generalisation I know. Bare with me here. Thats my experience recently. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect every person to have every answer on every topic always, however the response “I do not know let’s see if we can find

Recently I was invited to speak at a lecture to 3rd year occupational therapy students about my experience with 3 brain hemorrhages in as many years and the type of care that I received.  The purpose of the presentation was to share a real life story with the students who are a year away from entering the workforce as fully qualified Occupational Therapists.

Shortly after I first experienced the side effects of Cerebral Hemorrhage in Feb 2012 I began to research what happens to the brain after a bleed and what I could do to help the recovery of my own brain without necessarily subscribing only to the narrow-minded approach of western medicine. Now be reassured. I am not starting another campaign about the massive shortcomings of western medicine just wanted to pass

If I surveyed 100 people and asked them the question, do you know how to breathe? What do you think most would say? Many would no doubt, think I was asking a trick question. My best guess would be that if they where living and talking to me 100% would look at me like I was mad and say of course! If I asked them, does the rest of the

Prevention is better than cure they say.If you’re like me you’ve probably heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, right.I love these types of sayings. Lately though I seem to feel that these types of sayings are in need of a bit, of an upgrade. They don’t really get taken seriously. If you’ve never experienced the side effects of a serious, possibly life threatening health challenge, if you’re