Why is that when you go to a GP these days and ask for example a simple question, what caused my ailment? You get a deafening silence. Yes big generalisation I know. Bare with me here. Thats my experience recently. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect every person to have every answer on every topic always, however the response “I do not know let’s see if we can find

If I surveyed 100 people and asked them the question, do you know how to breathe? What do you think most would say? Many would no doubt, think I was asking a trick question. My best guess would be that if they where living and talking to me 100% would look at me like I was mad and say of course! If I asked them, does the rest of the

Prevention is better than cure they say.If you’re like me you’ve probably heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, right.I love these types of sayings. Lately though I seem to feel that these types of sayings are in need of a bit, of an upgrade. They don’t really get taken seriously. If you’ve never experienced the side effects of a serious, possibly life threatening health challenge, if you’re

I used to judge people because of their size, that is their weight (not in a nasty way). Looking back I think it was  because I made the assumption that people that were over weight, became that way because they ate excessively and did not have the ability to simply take control of their impulse to eat, I know a little naive, right? I thought that somehow they weren’t mentally strong


Dec 2013

What is Stroke?

Source for this post National Stroke Foundation Types of stroke: How the two types of stroke happen A stroke can happen in two main ways. Either there is a blood clot or plaque that blocks a blood vessel in the brain or a blood vessel in the brain breaks or ruptures. Blocked artery (causes an ischaemic stroke) Strokes caused by a blood clot is called an ischaemic stroke. In everyday life,

Dean Ornish I thought I’d share this video by Dean Ornish, because it clearly demonstrates how easily we can positively effect the outcome of our own health in ways that are much more powerful than any doctor is able to do by treating symptoms instead of the cause of many health problems. GP’s dish out a never ending choice of legalised drugs designed to keep disease at bay just enough