Can meditation help in healing the brain? Amongst other amazing things that we are learning which are helpful in healing the brain after a stroke, Meditation has been shown to play a major role. Meditation can help in reconnecting old neural pathways and creating brand new ones to give back function where function has been lost. Whilst I know that every stroke is different and that each individual person is

With every day commitments and stresses, we often put ourselves last on the list. We run kids to school, work to support our families, and wish we could lose those extra kilograms. We feel like we are constantly playing catch up and performing crisis control. As you scroll through your social media you see friends with their toes in the sand, but to you, a vacation sounds like just a

I am very passionate these days, about good health and disease prevention. As the trend appears to be heading north towards a dramatic increase in so many of the preventable diseases I realise we still have much work to do in this area. When I say we, I mean each of us. I believe we must become proactive in seeking new ways to achieve our health goals because it is

I used to judge people because of their size, that is their weight (not in a nasty way). Looking back I think it was  because I made the assumption that people that were over weight, became that way because they ate excessively and did not have the ability to simply take control of their impulse to eat, I know a little naive, right? I thought that somehow they weren’t mentally strong

I get discouraged some times due to the fact people who should know better, who have studied for many years, that really set out to help, who are in roles where they believe they are helping people, may actually be doing more harm than good. In last few days I have had a number of conversations with people in the medical field, that even though they have their patients best