Leveraging Neural Plasticity to recover from deficits after a Stroke Neural plasticity is a term that I first discovered in 2012, and I discovered it at a time when I was recovering from a Brain Injury caused by a brain haemorrhage. The important thing about neural plasticity is ti know that basically what it means without going into the technical details is that in people that are recovering from a

Can Words Help you to achieved a faster brain recovery after stroke? Before my life changed in feb 2012 I used to whinge all the time to my wife, about how difficult it was for me to run my property maintenance business from our home. What i didn’t realise was how more words were causing me to be stuck and how negative words can have an impact brain recovery after


May 2017

Stroke Lecture.

Stroke Lecture at Australian Catholic University It was an honour to be invited to be a part of a stroke lecture at Australia Catholic University. The topic of discussion was the care I received when I was rehabilitation from occupational therapists and other health professionals. To set the scene I also shared my story of 3 brain haemorrhages in as many years and the type of care that I received, the consequences

One year after Brain Surgery It’s funny (well not really) how my surroundings have found a way to guide me each time I get side tracked or of course from living the kind of life that is meaningful to me. This month is the 12 month anniversary that some pretty major things occurred that changed me forever. Before I get into that I have to take you back to Feb

Going Gluten Free after stroke and avoiding inflammatory foods. Shortly after I first experienced the side effects of Cerebral Hemorrhage in Feb 2012 I began to research what happens to the brain after a bleed and what I could do to help the recovery of my own brain without necessarily subscribing only to the narrow-minded approach of western medicine. Now be reassured. I am not starting another campaign about the

In September we celebrate National Stroke Week, raising awareness for all matters stroke. I just thought i’d share an article that was done on me by Fairfax news papers to give those that thankfully have never experienced a serious health scare and those that have my perspective and to share that I believed in my recovery.   http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/north/statistics-reveal-batman-stroke-rate-higher-than-state-and-national-average/story-fnglenug-1227007363365?nk=650bb0eb508b3b8d4dbcea5a0324fb74