Why is that when you go to a GP these days and ask for example a simple question, what caused my ailment? You get a deafening silence. Yes big generalisation I know. Bare with me here.

Thats my experience recently. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect every person to have every answer on every topic always, however the response “I do not know let’s see if we can find someone who does” would actually be a delight to hear.

2 GPs and 1 endocrinologist and 1 surgeon later I still have no idea what causes a Thyroid gland to become enlarged.

All four concur on this. They also concur on the fact that the enlarged Thyroid gland needs to be cut out because it is the size of a billiard ball and interfering with my wind pipe and esophagus.

The praise for each doctor from those lower on the Hierarchy is prolific (GP > Specialist > Surgeon) and comes thick and fast. My GP tells me that the surgeon that is going to remove the enlarged glad is the best in the business.

I’m in good hands, the endocrinologist also tells me the surgeon is the best in the business, my GP tells me the endocrinologist is the best in the business also, and I struggle to refrain from asking each of them at the top of my voice WHAT ARE THEY GOOD AT?

When I ask myself this question this is the answer I get.

The surgeon is good at cutting people and removing things. It seems she is not the best person to tell me what causes an enlarged Thyroid gland, but might know who is. Earlier this year an amazing surgeons skills came in very handy for me when a neurosurgeon removed a faulty blood vessel in my brain that had bled 3 times causing all sorts of health concerns. So I’m not bagging surgeons, god knows were I’d be without them.

The endocrinologist and specialists of other kinds are good at telling me what is wrong. In this case my Thyroid gland is the size of a billiard ball, more than double the usual side, and that because of what it is pressing on as it grows it must be removed. Simply diagnosing the problem.

The GP treats common ailments and hands out prescriptions and referrals, checks blood pressure and other risk factors and is the first port of call for managing illnesses. It’s the classic three tier sales model and is similar to the way any type of consumable reaches our homes (Manufacturer > Wholesaler > Retailer) The kind of process that delivers services or products in this way is designed to make us dependent.

Now it may not be in the front of every persons mind, but I do not want to depend on anyone if I can help it. It benefits me and the community I live in and not being dependent on the health system on an ongoing basis helps the government reduce costs.

I can however almost handle the fact that a retailer would prefer that I didn’t grow my own tomatoes, and also feel that truly there is a need for such a store because lets face it sometimes I just can’t be bothered with the gardening thing. Other people can not physically become involved in rearing their own livestock and growing their food and since we don’t live in villages anymore and don’t have neighbours to rely on we do actually need retailers.

The cynic in me is screaming to say that it was all planned anyway, but that is a conversation for another time. So lets hang on a second, just before we cut.

I have one other healthy Thyroid gland which is at this moment in time and hopefully for the rest of my days completely normal. My hope is that I can keep it completely healthy because if I can’t I will need to use Thyroxine, a tablet to take over the role of the thyroid gland for the rest of my life. This will not be completely ideal. The possible

So I hope you can see why one might ask a question like, what caused my Thyroid Gland to enlarged.

  • I also asked are there any foods that may be contributing to this condition?
  • Are there any life style factors that I need to avoid?
  • What can I do to keep my healthy gland that way for ever?

All got back, was crickets. You know what you hear when everything else is silent.

I have been booked in for surgery some time in the next 6 months and I am none the wiser as to what might have caused this issue and have no understanding of what I could change to ensure I keep my other gland healthy for ever. I’m feeling it is important so I turn to Google for advice. When I tell my GP that I have found some info on Google about potential causes of an enlarged Thyroid I get the scrunched up face. I’m told that I shouldn’t be researching my condition on Google.

  • Perhaps they are concerned that I will come up with something that they have not.
  • Perhaps they are concerned that I will endanger my health by doing so, or
  • Perhaps they just can not accept that they can’t solve everything for me any that sometimes they may have to send me off to another practitioner and lose business.

Whatever the case is for the GP I’m glad I did go to Google. That is the whole point of this post. We have a great tool available for us, it allows us to learn about things that otherwise we would rely on one person to have all the answers.

The simple fact that no one person can possibly have all the answers for us makes it our responsibility to seek others that do. After all would you want your health in the hands of a medical professional that only had one approach to solving different health problems? That’s why I’m on the look out for a third opinion. I owe it to myself and so do you, to have your questions answered.

This is not just some chop shop for stolen cars operating out of a seedy suburb near you, where the the objective is to turn over as many jobs as possible for the purpose of making a buck and who or why the jobs ended up in the chop shop in the first place is irrelevant, it’s about human people man!

Smiles Bill

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