Prevention is better than cure they say.If you’re like me you’ve probably heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, right.I love these types of sayings. Lately though I seem to feel that these types of sayings are in need of a bit, of an upgrade. They don’t really get taken seriously.

If you’ve never experienced the side effects of a serious, possibly life threatening health challenge, if you’re one of the lucky ones that hasn’t been touched by a serious illness and if you don’t know anyone that has been seriously unwell or passed away because of one of those serious illnesses.
How could I ever expect you to be able to understand the concept of prevention is better than cure.I’m sorry if this comes across as blunt, but you’re oblivious!
  • Oblivious to what it means to have to sit in a DR’s office and get that kind of news,
  • Oblivious to what it means to have to tell your loved ones that the future is a little uncertain for you,
  • Oblivious to what kind of impact that type of news has on the people that love you most.
That’s why I completely understand why when someone says to you, “prevention is better than cure” you may not take notice of the comment or let it fly by to the wicket keeper. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but for how long?
I wonder now, is that the reason why some of us avoid all the advise from family and friends even GP’s like, consider becoming more active, lose some of the excess kilos, cut down the drinking, throw away the cigarettes and switch to a diet containing less saturated fats, less processed foods, no white carbs and so on?
If you are reading this, my preference is that you will never find your self in a difficult situation as described above. Know however, that some of the others reading this may have already been down that path and may have struggled with the news they received and telling people that they loved about it, worried about what the future holds and so on.
Now I’m not judging here and it’s really important for you to understand this point. I was once oblivious too.One Saturday morning in Feb 2012, the time came for me to have to sit my wife down and my children and explain to them that the bleeding in the brain that caused numbness to the left side of my body, which affected my speech, affected my ability to work, affected my ability to drive and so many other aspects of my life might be serious and the future was going to be a little uncertain for a while.
When I started to recover, I became hungry for information, I craved knowledge and I started reading. I wanted to find out what I could do to help me recover from the side effects of the Brain Hemorrhage.I discovered a lot of new things but mostly I was coming across articles and meeting people that were all saying things I had heard before, but now they seemed so relevant. The bits of information that were disregarded previously were now what I was going to rediscover so that they could get out of the spot of trouble I had found myself in.

Could it be, that the solution for me was something that I was told in the past by someone who was concerned for me, but I ignored? When I think about why I ignored other peoples advise, I can only come back to the fact that I just couldn’t see it how they did and after a while I thought it was just nagging. If this seems familiar don’t be hard on your self, we can’t change the past, what I’d like to suggest you instead is, to draw a line in the sand and make a commitment to your self to be the architect of your future, it’s never too late.

Have COMPASSION for yourself to accept that in the past you did the best you could do with the tools, and information that were available to you at the time.
Accept that there is no such thing as failure only feedback. If while moving forward something you try turns out to be a mis-take make a small change in your approach and muster up the COURAGE to go for a second take.
Use CREATIVITY and allow your self some artistic license to do the things that truly make your heart come alive, make some long term goals and work towards achieving them.
If you are not sure how to do Compassion, Courage and Creativity don’t be alarmed help is not far away.

There is almost an endless amount of new research being done that examines this and a processes developed to teach and coach Compassion, Creativity and Courage. The emerging field of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) was founded on such research.

If you’ve read this to here I appreciate it, because I was not attempting to be another one of the naggers, more so I am interested in sharing my experiences so that perhaps others might avoid serious illness and the heart ache that come with a serious diagnosis.

I am well on the way to recovery, but the cause of the hemorrhage can not be dealt with because of the location of the faulty blood vessel. The chances of another bleed in the brain although not high are still too high for my liking.

Interestingly after the 2 year MRI and doctors appointment I find myself back at the same place I was prior to the first incident and that is basically being advised once again to avoid certain foods, behavior’s and habits so that I don’t end up having to experience the roller coaster ride of a serious diagnosis. THIS TIME I’M LISTENING.

If it’s ok with you I’d like to leave you with one question for contemplation.

Why would YOU want to prevent a serious illness?

Here is a list I came up with.

I want to be around for a long time beyond 90yrs old.If I can help it,
I’d like my children not have to experience the trauma of seeing their father in hospital, because of something that was self-inflicted.
I’d like to be healthy enough to support my family financially
I’d like to experience new things
I’d like to walk on more beaches at sunset
I’d like to go to the snow
I’d like to see my children grow and become adults and take their place in the world
I’d like to travel more often
Drive a very fast car
I’d like to study something I’m passionate about
This is just to name a few.

Before I’m done with this article I’d like to share one of the most amazing things that I learned on my quest to regain my health over the last two years. Something that has so many positive effects on your well being that to go into in detail and explain it clearly I’d need to write another 10 pages.


I’ve broken it down into steps.

  • Step 1 – Click this link and go to the mBraining Australia website,
  • Step 2 – Click the blue writing on the top left hand corner of the page and go to the download page.
  • Step 3 – Choose the file named mBIT Balanced Breathing Pacer – Bell & Singing Bowl.1.00.mp3,  Save the file to your computer and then transfer it to your iPod or smart phone so you can listen to the track before bed.
  • Step 4 – The Tibetan Bells and Singing bowl sounds you hear are 6 seconds apart.
  • Step 5 – Sit in a comfy place and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, and synchronise your in breath with the chimes so that one chime is an in breath and the next chime is an out breath and so on.
  • Step 6 – Do this for the duration of the track, which is about 5 minutes.
  • Step 7 – Notice, how you feel differently to before, after the 5 minutes is u

This is called mBraining Balanced breathing and this process has the potential to dramatically alter the quality of your life, for the better.

Smiles and Hugs, Bill Gasiamis

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