Life Coaching Session.

If you were curious about what a Life Coaching Session maybe like, spend sometime and watch this video which I prepared of a mock life coaching session, about one of life’s most challenging problems.

Should I buy that coffee before work or not?

Although this example is not a real client the coaching session goes deep into places where you may not expect a superficial problem to go and it brings up for my assistant real issues that are underlying which she was not consciously aware of.

My coaching style is unique to most other coaches that focus on goals andtasks, I like to focus on what is stopping you from achieving your goals that you may not be aware of. Life Coaching Sessions are available on Skype in person or on the phone.

One of my current clients sent me some beautiful feedback about how a life coaching session with me helped her. If you are feel like you’d benefit from being held to account to someone without judgement then life coaching may be for you.

Life Coaching Session

If you are thinking about engaging a life coach, and have some questions you’d like to ask, get in touch.

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