Leveraging Neural Plasticity to recover from deficits after a Stroke

Neural plasticity is a term that I first discovered in 2012, and I discovered it at a time when I was recovering from a Brain Injury caused by a brain haemorrhage.

The important thing about neural plasticity is ti know that basically what it means without going into the technical details is that in people that are recovering from a traumatic brain injury be it by stroke or some other form um it enables a different part of the brain to take over the function that may have been lost because of the initial brain injury.

So in my case after the surgery to remove the faulty blood vessel that caused the bleed in my brain I woke up from surgery and discovered that I actually couldn’t walk my left leg didn’t know where it was and I couldn’t feel it on the ground and as a result of that I couldn’t walk.

I got up to go to the loo after surgery for the first time and I collapsed on the ground now because I had learned about neural plasticity I knew that what was going to happen when I went to rehab was that, that was actually training different part of my brain to actually re learn the process of walking again.

Neural Plasticity In Action

Neural Plasticity In Action

So I went to re-hab and it tool about a month to get back on my feet again where I was able to walk all be it slowly but without the help of a walking devise or another person standing by my side to ensure that I didn’t fall down.

Neural Plasticity can be an amazing tool.

So why neural plasticity is amazing is because 20 years ago or 30 years ago when somebody suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury like a Stroke they were told that they would never be able to change the way that they are once they wake up and once they get out of hospital and go home.

So often there wasn’t a lot of emphasis and a lot of time put into people to actually get them to reclaim the use of the limb that was lost during the brain injury or the Stroke. And doctors often with their words would cement in a patients head that they were never going to get better and as a result that patient went abut achieving what the doctor told them, which was that they were never going to get better.

Thankfully doctors now that Neural Plasticity means that the brain can change itself, so as you think about making changes and as you think about exercising and moving that limb and putting the effort in your brain will actually change itself, and it will give that task to another part of the brain and as a result function can be restored.

So if you haven’t heard the term Neural Plasticity and you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury and you’re recovering from that traumatic brain injury and you want to understand why you cant walk at the moment why one of your limbs is not working at the moment properly, maybe look into neural plasticity.

Learn a little bit about it and understand what it is for you that is going to help you get back up on your feet or do the things that you wanna do to recover and get back to living the kind of life that you wanna live regardless of the fact that you’ve had a Stroke.

I look forward to hearing from you hopefully some of you out there will share you success stories

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