“We have been taught that the brain can’t repair itself, but our results suggest that this is not true.”

Simply in MS (Multiple Sclerosis) the neurons in the brain have a damaged outer shell which cause the cells to stop communicating with each other effectively. The damaged part is called the myelin and repairing the myelin could restore function. This study has found possible medical way to help the re-myelin-ation of cells.

In order to assist re-myelin-ation Dr’s and researchers are discovering that a high fat (good fats) diet that does not include sugar and wheat based carbohydrates goes along way to restore the outer layer of cells. What people don’t know is that this can sometimes take up to 2 years for just 50% of the myelin to be restored so a change in lifestyle around food needs to be exactly that, permanent change in lifestyle not just a fad, one off event that ends at the end of 10 days.

“Dr Green said that although this study just focused on the optic nerve, it probably reflects what is going on throughout the central nervous system.”


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