May 2017

Stroke Lecture.

Stroke Lecture at Australian Catholic University

Brain Surgery Scar

Brain Surgery Scar

It was an honour to be invited to be a part of a stroke lecture at Australia Catholic University. The topic of discussion was the care I received when I was rehabilitation from occupational therapists and other health professionals. To set the scene I also shared my story of 3 brain haemorrhages in as many years and the type of care that I received, the consequences of the surgery and the rehabilitation i underwent to learn how to walk again. The purpose of the stroke lecture was to share a real life story with the students who are a year away from entering the workforce as fully qualified Occupational Therapists. The best part of doing a Stroke Lecture to this group, is that I get to share what is important from a patients point of view, that helps a new generation of Occupational therapists take into consideration, that what each patient requires may need a completely different approach.

 Occupational Therapy – Stroke Lecture

I for example, really dislike certain exercises that had me walking on a hard surface when learning how to place my foot on the ground again. The reason for this was that I was concerned about falling to the ground, not because I may hurt my body but because I may hurt my head which was fresh from being patched up and stitched after the surgery. When I found out that there was a swimming pool as part of the rehabilitation facilities, I asked if I could practice my walking in the water. That way if I lost my balance falling was never going to be an issue. Sharing these stories seemed to hit the right cord with the students and the feedback was comforting. The soon to be graduates will be heading into the workforce with a unique insight into a petients journey and I hope that this presentation will make it better for other patients going through similar things.



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