Amongst other amazing things that we are learning which are helpful in recovery from stroke Meditation can play a major role in reconnecting old neural pathways and creating brand new ones to give back function where function has been lost.

Whilst I know that every stroke is different and that each individual person is affected differently I feel that Meditation has no down side and even if it is not possible for some people to recover their ability to walk or use one of their limbs properly there is no reason why they can’t benefit in some way from meditation.

Curious to know how? Here a 3 ways meditation benefits us all.

1 – Lowering blood pressure. In an article by Robert Schneider MD for WebMD there have been many documented positive responses in people in helping to reduce blood pressure with meditation and to quote the author “Researchers believe that the deep rest achieved through transcendental meditation (TM) sparks biochemical changes that help the body and mind reach a more balanced state, in turn triggering the body’s own self-repair mechanism.

2 – A recent study by Harvard reported on by the website shows that meditation produces massive positive changes in the brains grey matter region, the region in which self-awareness, compassion, ad introspection are associated.

3 – Meditation contributes to mind fitness and as Dr Claudia Aguirre states in the article on from “Just like you build up muscle strength to prevent injury or weakness, mind fitness builds resiliency that leads to faster recovery from psychological stress”

So if meditation might be for you and you can’t get out and about at the moment jump on to you tube type in guided mindfulness meditation and sit back and relax knowing that you can improve your brain right from the comfort of your own chair at home or even in your hospital ward.

Wishing you a speedy recovery – Bill

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