The Blind Hour Podcast

In July of 2016 i was on holidays in the Aegean island of Santorini and i had managed to drag myself away from the beach for just one hour so i could join Max and John for The Blind Hour Podcast.

max and John are both legally blind and their podcast is quite out there as far as the topics the discuss and the way they enjoy expressing themselves. We had a great chat about matters of health and well being and topics related t spirituality and tapping into our inner wisdom by harnessing the power of our multiple intelligences, found in our head, heart and gut.

Warning The Blind Hour Podcast has adult themes and explicit language.

Unless of course your not too fussed about those kinds of things.

Thanks guys for asking me to be on the show. #BlindHour #Mbraining #BillGasiamis

  • Auto injury treatment

    28 07 2017

    Great blog post.

  • Bill Gasiamis

    11 08 2017

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

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